Software Developer

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Modern software product and applications are built using varied technology stacks, design patterns, and architectures to meet the diverse needs from functionality, performance, to agility. The change in pace, tools, and processes is fueled on one hand by the advent of cloud, big data, mobility, and DevOps, and on the other by the increased expectations of the end users. The role of Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) is therefore critical to adapt to the changing landscape, ensure software quality, and to stay competitive.

Benefits of BeatBlip for Test Engineers
  • Test Quicker: Reduces your test cycle-time by up to 90%, giving an enormous boost to SDLC productivity and efficiency of R&D.
  • Test More Cases: Delivers a completely codeless experience encouraging you to test more use cases.
  • Improve Test Accuracy: Testing more use cases has a direct impact on the quality of applications and releases.
  • Easy Scalability: BeatBlip is an innovative solution which covers your present requirements and keeps you ahead in terms of the future.

SDET, also known as Software Development Engineer in Test, is a specialized job role within the Software Testing and Quality Assurance domain. It is a hybrid between software developer and tester. From small startups to large enterprises, SDETs are highly sought roles and they play a pivotal role in Agile and DevOps.

Though a highly rewarding profession, it’s a challenging role to fill. As a test engineer, you are tasked with determining the best processes to execute tests and achieve maximum test coverage. You have to test an ever-increasing amount of software, systems and applications while ensuring top-notch quality.

Additionally, as a test engineer you have to create new testing procedures that save time and money for the organization and champion these processes internally to IT management and other stakeholders. With the challenges of shrinking testing teams and the pressures of keeping pace with DevOps, it’s quite clear that the role of a test engineer comes with large challenges.

Test automation can help the test engineers overcome most of their obstacles and derive better efficiencies. With the selection of right automation solution, you can test a wide range of use cases and substantially more code. This allows you to test faster, improve test accuracy, and maximize test coverage.