Product Features

Reinvent Software Testing

BeatBlip is an intelligent, robust, flexible, and extensible test automation solution that’s packed with innovative features. With BeatBlip, you can test faster and easier, improve software quality and gain real-time insight into the business risks associated with every release. It helps organizations transform their testing practices, find defects faster, and speed up their software delivery.

Key Features of BeatBlip
  • End-to-end Testing
    BeatBlip delivers a unified and easy to use platform to simplify the testing of Web, Mobile, Web services, Packaged apps, Desktop applications, and Business processes. It allows integrations with various popular ALM tools to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • AI Powered Auto-healing and Auto-change Detection
    Leverages AI based auto-healing capabilities to keep test maintenance efforts and cost to a minimal. It utilizes the power of AI to automatically adapt the test scripts to any changes in the Application Under Test (AUT).
  • Agile/Continuous Testing
    Integrates seamlessly with various CI/CD tools to effortlessly support continuous delivery. Its two-way integration with CI/CD platforms simplifies continuous test automation thereby enabling organizations to succeed with their Agile and DevOps initiatives.
  • Platform & Browser Agnostic
    BeatBlip is a flexible, platform and browser agnostic test automation solution. It utilizes real browsers and devices for test execution, ensuring reliability of results. And the same scripts can be executed in multiple browsers and operating systems without requiring any changes.
  • Scalable & Extensible
    BeatBlip is a simple to use tool for beginners and a fully extensible and scalable platform for experts. It supports custom extensions that can be built using any technology to enhance its out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Simple & Codeless
    As a codeless test automation solution, BeatBlip simplifies the testing process empowering teams to implement automation without any coding. It allows organizations to meet the Agile software development requirements by allowing continuous testing without requiring resources with specialized programming skillsets.
  • Scheduled and Parallel Testing
    Tests can be scheduled to execute unattended and/or in parallel to save testing time. Also, same tests can be executed with different set of data inputs. The built-in data-manager empowers teams to expand the coverage by simply associating additional test data with the same test.
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
    Delivers advanced graphical reports with different view levels – Dashboard, Summary, and Detail. For example, you can view data at a project level, or down at a test level. Reports are available in PDF, HTML, Excel, and CSV formats.
  • Integration with Development Tools and Processes
    BeatBlip supports integration with popular ALM tools such as Jira, Bugzilla, Microsoft TFS, GitLabs for auto bug tracking. And for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, it integrates with tools such as AWS, Jenkins, Bamboo, Microsoft TFS, and Azure DevOps.
  • Built-in Localization and Data-driven Testing
    BeatBlip’s Data Manager allows testers to externalize test data and associated expected outputs from the test scripts while also giving them the flexibility to leverage any data source – which could be a database (NoSQL or SQL), a file (Excel, CSV, PDF, XML), or another application UI. Additionally, BeatBlip also simplifies testing an application for localization and allows testing for multiple languages, time zones, and currencies.
  • Auto Test Generation
    BeatBlip features a powerful in-built recorder to automatically generate the test scripts allowing testing and QA teams to get a head start with the automation. It saves time and effort which would be spent in testing the application.