Test Automation As A Service (TaaS)

Test Automation As A Service (TaaS)

Get a Head Start on Your Test Automation Journey

With the adoption of Agile and DevOps, Test Automation has become imperative to ensure quality of every release. To help organizations start their automation journey, or to scale and speed it up, AgreeYa offers Test Automation as a Service (TaaS) along with our all-in-one continuous test automation solution BeatBlip.

The TaaS engagement model, in which a service provider implements test automation, has demonstrated significant benefits over the traditional in-house test automation approach. It helps organizations overcome the typical challenges of resource constraints, surging costs, aggressive timelines, specialized skillset requirements, etc.

AgreeYa’s TaaS is an on-demand test automation service that bundles together our innovative product (BeatBlip) with our Testing expertise and technical depth. Our end-to-end TaaS offering enables you to regress your products effectively with every change, with the right use of automation tools, processes, and best practices

AgreeYa’s Test Automation as a Service Offerings
AgreeYa provides complete end-to-end test automation services as part of its TaaS offering
  • Application Prioritization & Automation Assessment: Our experts identify the most critical business use cases that when automated will offer the highest value. We bring years of testing and test automation expertise to help organizations establish test automation roadmap, approach and processes for optimal results considering not just the immediate needs but also reusability, repeatability, stability, and future expansion.
  • Enterprise Automation Strategy: We help organizations create a structured process for the execution and management of test cases. We help build a cost-effective automation testing strategy with a result-oriented approach.
  • Automation Design & Testing: Design and execution stage is critical for the success of any test automation initiative. We offer fit-for-purpose automation process that is capable of keeping up with quickly evolving testing objectives and changes in the system under test.
  • Deployment & Support (Enhancement/Maintenance): We not only help organizations with test automation creation but also with running the automated tests. We offer services to integrate automated tests with client’s CI/CD pipeline or to run them on-demand. We provide best in class support services to ensure continued ROI from test automation, and offer training services to ensure that the custmer’s teams are fully prepared to own all aspects of automation including execution and maintenance.
Benefits of using AgreeYa’s TaaS
  • Expedite automation: Our experts can take the lead in automating the most complex use cases, to ensure a quick and robust automation coverage. Our customers can run the automated scripts as they are getting created by our team.
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce costs: BeatBlip’s TaaS delivers a dedicated infrastructure, tools, people, and processes to ensure an application performs as intended and can reduce up to 40% of the overall project and testing costs.
  • Accelerate time to market: Our TaaS offering brings together tools, experts, and methods to help organizations reduce their test cycle-time by up to 90% and enjoy a faster time to market.
  • Improve test coverage: Leverage our testing expertise, technical depth, and award-winning test automation software, BeatBlip, to test more scenarios and uncover more bugs early in the test cycle. Increased test coverage ensures optimum product quality.
  • The flexibility of use: Our engagement model allows you to pay only as you use it, and only for as much as you need.

In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, organizations must deliver winning applications within the shortest time to market and at reduced costs to secure competitive advantage. Adoption of a test automation solution helps eliminate cumbersome, manual, and error-prone processes that often delay application releases, and reduce costs as well as time to market. However, ineffective automation practices can lead to a sharp decline in ROI and neutralize implementation gains. Therefore, organizations need to establish streamlined and robust automated testing programs. Test Automation as a Service (TaaS) optimizes testing practices and meets quality standards effectively.

Test Automation as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model, wherein a service provider rather than employees, perform testing activities. This flexible and highly scalable service model is a growing buzz word in the industry. It is allowing organizations to reduce costs, improve release quality, accelerate time to market, and meet the growing challenges of the quickly changing technology landscape.

In an age when application/software quality is critical, organizations need to adopt test automation to release their products confidently and without any glitches. However, proper selection of people, processes, and tools is essential for a successful implementation of test automation. Test Automation as a Service (TaaS) helps organizations get a head start in their test automation journey with services from a trusted and experienced testing service provider. It helps organizations implement test automation better, test faster, reduce costs, and ensure quality – and these are exactly the reasons why a growing number of organizations are moving toward this engagement model.

As a flexible engagement model, TaaS ensures the following:

  • Pay only for what you need: Enables organizations to meet any ad-hoc or unusual test automation requirements which will require extensive resources.
  • Availability as soon as you need it: Allows organizations to have a comprehensive test automation set-up within the shortest time lapse.
  • Scale when you need it: Empowers organizations to upscale or downscale their test automation activities depending on the tasks at hand.
  • Simplify the adoption of automation: Get automated test scripts created by experts that can be reused to run tests