DevOps Engineer

DevOps Practitioner

In this era, it is easy for organizations to forget accounting for quality in a pell-mell dash to complete software projects. DevOps practitioners are expected to help organizations to not only improve the pace of feature and product releases but also to reduce defects. They are tasked with ensuring not only continuous delivery, but overall continuous improvement of software as well.

Benefits of BeatBlip for DevOps Practitioners
  • Integrates with the DevOps process seamlessly.
  • Merges traditionally siloed teams and dissolves the disconnect between development, testing, and operations teams to meet modern enterprise needs.
  • Helps in creating an agile and reliable QA process to complement Continuous Development.
  • Enables DevOps professionals to achieve consistency by maintaining the same configuration for all relevant tests.
  • Empowers DevOps teams to test more and proactively to improve product quality.
  • Supports all popular CI/CD tools including Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo, and AWS CodeBuild & AWS CodePipeline

In the present scenario, the primary aim of DevOps practitioners and teams is to optimize an organization’s automated CI/CD pipeline by providing a higher degree of test automation coverage, receiving feedback quickly, and reducing test maintenance hassles. You have to improve the complete flow of value through a Continuous Delivery pipeline from idea to operational solution.

To attain such goals, you need to modernize the existing infrastructure while ensuring that the systems integrate with emerging technologies to deliver better software at a faster pace. Whether it is a customer expecting seamless e-commerce experience or a business user anticipating access to business-critical apps on the go, the expectations are that the software will work correctly, every single time. And this is the burden of expectations faced by DevOps professionals. You have to understand where critical software bugs may exist and where performance issues might arise, prior to the release. In short, as a DevOps practitioner you must always stay a step ahead of the others.

An intelligent and unified test automation solution allows DevOps practitioners and their organizations to adopt a test-driven development approach through continuous testing and improvement throughout the development cycle. With automation, DevOps professionals can achieve speed and agility, while ensuring optimum software quality and pre-empting performance issues.

A robust and mature test automation solution helps you automate time consuming and inefficient steps in the test lifecycle, while also allowing you to create a consistent, repeatable and automated processes for future deployments.