BeatBlip Virtualization

BeatBlip Service Virtualization

BeatBlip’s Service Virtualization tool is a web-based application that allows users to build advanced mockups for API’s with virtualization. It simplifies the testing of applications that depend upon API’s which may not be ready or accessible yet.

Features of BeatBlip Service Virtualization
  • Easy to Use Interface: Use the web interface to easily and quickly create dynamic and virtualized services to simulate desired API’s.
  • Host Anywhere: Host the mock server on Windows or Linux environment – on same machine as BeatBlip Server or a different one. Share mock APIs with multiple teams.
  • Build End-to-end Automations: Invoke mock API’s from within Web or Mobile tests for end-to-end production-ready integration testing.
  • Remove Dependencies: Speed up automation, remove dependency on API teams or partners. Test more and gain confidence in your deliverables.