QA Manager

QA Manager

In a fast-paced world of Agile and DevOps, the role of QA Managers and Test Leads is constantly evolving and expanding. While the QA managers are still responsible for ensuring the quality of a software deliverable, their contribution has become much larger and critical for driving increased business value.

From being the gatekeepers for ensuring quality, QA Managers and Test Leads have evolved into champions of optimization, collaboration, and transparency across software development lifecycle.

Benefits of BeatBlip for QA Managers
  • Boosts the Morale of Testing Teams: Team members, especially those with no coding skills, can improve their skill sets and confidence and, in turn, pass those gains on to the organization.
  • Reduces the Burden: Solution can be used by the developers to detect problems quickly before sending them to the QA team. This reduces the burden on test teams.
  • Improves Test Accuracy: BeatBlip offers various features such as DB level data and object verification, data-driven testing, conditional UI flow validation, multi-browser validation etc. to help ensure that a test scenario is validated at various levels through many test data combinations.
  • Improves Testing Efficiency: BeatBlip’s all-in-one capabilities allow the test teams to automate not just tests but also the business process steps making the whole test cycle automated and highly efficient. Its features such as auto healing and auto-bug logging minimize the human intervention in the whole testing process.
  • Gives You Flexibility: BeatBlip is a powerful and extensible solution that not only helps you meet your immediate automation needs but also gives you the flexibility to build your own add-ons to scale your testing to any level

Testing of even the simplest applications today is not simple. As a QA Manager or Test Lead you are confronted with a demand for ever-growing test coverage. Whether it’s driven by the number of devices and platforms to test against, number of interfaces to validate, input data volume to exercise, or simply by the increased rate of change, QA Managers are expected to deal with a lot. The list of types of testing to perform goes on and on but the time to do it all is only shrinking.

Therefore, your role in the organization is way beyond determining whether software and applications are meeting QA criteria. As a QA Manager, the organization is counting on you to be the torchbearer of innovations, identify new solutions that drive greater business ROI, and devise frameworks to ensure that new technology innovations can be introduced in a way that minimizes friction and drives the business forward.

Test automation helps QA Managers and Test Leads meet the modern-day business demands. Test automation delivers on three critical aspects i.e. maximizing speed and quality of deliverables while minimizing testing cost – a common goal across organizations.

Apart from increasing productivity and process efficiency, test automation also allows you to find creative solutions to thorny business problems. By bringing automation both into the application/system testing and end-to-end business processes, QA Managers and QA Leads make direct impact on the business ROI.